Elvira Baygildina Wind turbine control system analysis and design

Elvira Baygildina Wind turbine control system analysis and design


Conventional wind turbine control strategies are dedicated to ensure high energy conversion efficiency under varying wind conditions. The challenge in wind power control engineering is to design an adaptive wind turbine control strategy, which provides the dynamic system stability and the effectiveness of energy conversion. In the time of current trend of increasing energy consumption, the wind-power engineering may compensate considerable part of required electric energy. The stability of the purposed control system is studied using linear control theory concepts! The effectiveness of the wind energy... The aim of this book is to design and implement the control algorithm, which implies the electromagnetic torque control in order to adapt the rotor speed and keep high energy conversion efficiency. Wind turbine operation is considered in the partial-load regime. Rapid wind-power engineering development is considered to be one of the important sources of human need satisfaction.

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