Peter Kibe internet technologies and ecotourism marketing

Peter Kibe internet technologies and ecotourism marketing


The internet provides a new and important electronic commerce medium for tourism. Despite much discussion devoted to defining ecotourism conceptually, knowledge regarding how ecotourism is actually developed through the Internet is still lacking. However, the understanding of internet-based ecotourism developments - both delivery and outcomes - is limited. Kenyan ecotourism industry has not fully exploited the opportunities presented by the internet to propagate its growth! The advancement of Internet technology worldwide has contributed to the enhancement of ecotourism principles. This book attempts to address these issues by exploring how ecotourism concept is enhanced through the Internet. The scale of the internet and its use to promote disingenuous ecotourism products may accelerate negative outcomes. The overall purpose of this study is to assess the possible impacts of the internet technology on the Ecotourism industry in Kenya.

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