Ada Cattaneo The origins of the Multisensitive Society

Ada Cattaneo The origins of the Multisensitive Society


The Modern era, with its apodictic certainty, strong ideologies and beliefs, is gone. So we are facing the challenge of an original era, of a fresh world for a new generation of humans. This book goes back over the transformation from the Insensitive Society to the Sensorial Society up to the Multi-sensitive Society. So he refines his unique and innovative sensibility. Homo Monisticus, his over-excited hedonism and his American Dream are coming to an end and Homo Olisticus is emerging with fresh values, with his aesth-ethic, with his sensitiveness, with his Mediterranean paradigm. A number of anomalous circumstances and exceptional phenomena have raised so much the degree of instability and differentiation to trigger a huge concatenation of changes. Post-modernism with its huge range of uncertainties, doubts, misunderstandings, pessimism is gone, too. He is realizing that his life is necessarily interdependent with other people and with the rest of the multi-verse?

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