Sushma Brahmadevara Re-establishing Identity

Sushma Brahmadevara Re-establishing Identity


She is a representative of Indian women’s liberation, autonomy and independence in a new society. Being an expatriate woman writer, she portrays the lives of women, their loss, alienation, assimilation and acculturation in the diasporic realm. Divakaruni pitches her texts in familiar areas of Indian womanhood for whom motherhood and sisterhood hold much weight. She portrays gender issues, social inequalities and ideological structures of Indian and American societies. Her women characters emerge as new women who claim their own space. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, a postcolonial Indian diasporic writer, known for her individualistic styles, themes and techniques focuses most of her writings on the various issues confronted by women immigrants in America. This book highlights... The questions of identity, recognition, self-construction and adaptability are given equal importance in her literary endeavours. She explores diasporic nationalism through her characters, setting and locations.

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